Where to Find Catchy Tattoo Designs?

For people who wish to get inked the very first time, there are always plenty of questions in their minds. The single most important question that no one will ever miss it is “where to find tattoo designs?” Yes, I too asked the same question when I wanted to place my first tattoo on the back of my neck. To help you find an ideal design quickly, here are three feasible ways.

1) Firstly, try to locate a reliable studio through the people you know well. Then, speak to the artist in that studio so that he or she can come out with a recommendation that fits your needs and personality. Likewise, you can also flip photo albums in the studio so that you can get inspired by many design ideas. For most people this option will work out well. I did the same thing a couple of years ago when I acquired my first ink.

Nevertheless, after putting up a tattoo on my back, it didn’t take too long for me to realize I have indeed overlooked some great options. Although I do not really feel unhappy about my current tattoo, I will probably make it looked a little bit different if I have done enough research before stopping by the studio.

2) You can create your own design by making use of images that you fancy. If you are familiar with any photo editing software, it is not too difficult to use the software to do some editing such as changing colors and stretching the sizes to suit your specific taste. You can also combine two or more objects, or add some texts to it to make a large and unique artwork. For example, you can start with a flower image and add butterfly, ladybug, and some vine to create your own exclusive tattoo.

3) Finally, tap into the resources offered by the online professional galleries so that you can see plenty of high quality artworks. There are many reputable galleries on the internet today where you can sign up for membership to download designs and their templates. The template can be used by the artist to duplicate the work on your body.  The most important thing in the design selection process is to always see enough images and have plenty of them to choose from.

Some of the most popular design categories are flowers, animals, stars, and fairies. You can make your tattoo in black, or multiple colors. The tribal style is another good consideration too.

Here are some nice looking works to inspire you.




Polynesian Tattoo


Biggest Babys Newest Tattoo



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