Great Choices of Flower Tattoo Designs for Women

There are at least four hundred thousands of flowering plants in this world according to statistic released by the botanists. If you wish to embellish your body with some pretty flora work of arts, there are almost unlimited choices of flowers, designs, and colors that you can use. The meanings associated with them are all different. You can pick a meaningful design base on the body location that you want to sport. Here are a few popular flower tattoo designs for women that you can think about.

1. Daisies carry a wide range of colors and symbolisms that are mostly positive in nature. In general, a daisy represents beauty, purity, undying love and innocence. While some women like to use the flower for hair decoration, many use it as tattoo nowadays. Daisies have been around for over 4,000 years, and they appeared in few very old Egyptian stoneware. It also carries meaning associated with Mother Mary.

2. Hibiscus can be found anywhere around the world although it is originated from the Pacific Islands and many Asian counties such as China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and India. The flower blooms in different colors in red, orange, yellow, white and pink representing a wide range of meanings. In general, a hibiscus tattoo stands for delicate beauty, a great lover, elegance and royalty.  It is also known as the “Rose of Sharon” by the North American people which signifies the fruitfulness and the beauty of an ideal bride.

3. Growing from the water bed of a murky pond towards sunlight, the lotus plant will blossom when it comes out from the surface of the muddy water. The bud will grow in to a beautiful flower, but it is always uncontaminated by the muck. Although lotus tattoo carries a lot of meanings in many Asian traditions and religions, it does share some similarities among different cultures. It is a symbol of purity, beauty, clarity of the heart and mind, and estranged love. The bloom also represents a continual battle in life with hopes, or signifies a hardship that has been overcome.

4. There are a few types of lilies which are often seen as a tattoo. While the calla lily represents beauty and regal, tiger lily symbolizes prosperity and wealth. White lily is a symbol of purity of heart, modesty and virginity. Generally, a lily tattoo stands for pride, innocence, majesty and wealth.

5. Rose tattoo is one of the most popular flower artworks in the world. Each color of rose has its own significance including its bud. A red rose is a symbol of sincere love, romance, beauty and unity while a white one stands for innocence, happy love and friendship. A red rose bud tattoo denotes youth, beauty and purity, and a black rose represents farewell, an ended love and a complete freedom. Be sure to check out the meaning associated with each rose before deciding on the color.

Flower tattoos are seen almost anywhere on the body. Whether they are in monochrome or multiple colors, they look gorgeous all the time. It is indeed a perfect choice for those who want to acquire their first symbol. Be sure to see as many flower work of arts as you can before stepping foot in to a parlor.

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