Women Tattoos – Where & What to Ink?

Female celebrities who sport tattoos have significantly increased in the last two decades. Leading by the famous stars, inking being a good way to embellish the body has burgeoned into a global trend for women. Over the years there have been many forms of female tattoos developed to fulfill the different needs.

Women tattoos are lively, pretty, fashionable and cute, and they are often added with the “sexy” design element. Nevertheless, there are also some who fancy bold, intricate and large images. You can pick a regular, 3D, or abstract motif to show your unique style, or choose a meaningful symbol to represent an important statement.

The works of arts are almost unlimited with popular designs such as butterflies, Zodiacal glyphs, flowers, hummingbirds, aqua mammals, birds, hearts, stars, fairies, and angels. Women who want to portray a tough figure can also consider getting a demon, skull, dragon, eagle, or tiger artwork.

Given below are some female design ideas and apt locations to ink.

1.    Lower back
This is a popular area to place a tattoo to bring out the beautiful curvature of a female body. A horizontal artwork is often chosen, and it can be positioned to be partially visible while wearing your mid-drift shirt. You can draw plenty of attention from the horde who try to check out your full image. I personally feel that a colorful butterfly attached with black tribal patterns at both ends of the wings will look extremely remarkable. Nevertheless, the core design can almost be anything from flowers to birds, and stars to hearts.

2.    Navel
Putting an emblem next to your bellybutton or above the bikini line is provocative especially when you have a flat abs. Depending on your personal taste, a small tattoo partly hidden in your low-rise pant is hot and enticing. Nevertheless, a larger artwork can also be placed to occupy the whole tummy area. Consider inscribing a group of stars, hearts, or your favorite flowers with ladybirds, hummingbirds, or butterflies.

3.    Wrist
The pattern resembles a bracelet. Some popular choices are jewelry design, flower chain, barbed wire, Celtic knots, tribal band, or other chain patterns composed of hearts, stars, and words. You should be aware that it is not a position you can easily covered up your tattoo when needed.

4.    Back
It is the biggest flat surface on the body which is good for a very large and intricate image. You can have a huge artwork extending from your back of neck to the lower back, for example, with a long dragon, a pair of wings, vines intertwining with flowers and pollinators, a snake,  a monster face, a Celtic Cross, a peacock or a tiger. If you’re looking for a smaller design, consider just to fill up your shoulder, upper back, lower back, or back of neck with a tattoo.

5.    Thigh
The upper thigh is an intimate part, and any image placed here is definitely enticing and sexy. Consider having a small tattoo such as heart, flower, star, butterfly, bird, etc. It will only be revealed to someone close or to the onlookers surrounding you at the beach.

6.    Ankle
This is one of the best spot on the body to attract viewers particularly from the men. You can cover up the motif with pants, hosieries and shoes during an inappropriate time.

While these are the popular spots and ideas for women tattoos, there is actually no boundary as to where and what is suitable for inking. Pick a design beforehand and discuss with your artist on how to tweak the artwork to suit your body and individual taste. It is advisable to find your design in a professional gallery before setting out to a parlor.  Good luck and happy inking!

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