Tattoo of Yin Yang – A Symbol of Ultimate Power

Although the Yin Yang, or the Tai-Chi symbol (太極圖) is famous in China, it is also popular for the people in the West. The Chinese believe that all natural things act in pairs, and their polar forces are interrelated. Everything that exists in this world has natural duality such as high and low, hot and cold, light and dark, and man and woman.

The Yang depicts the sun, and the moon is represented by the Yin. The two balanced, but contrary forces are the fundamental and governing elements of the natural world. The traditional Chinese medicine and martial art were also developed base on this principle.

The symbol is originated from a Chinese book called I-Ching, 易经–a profound book which was written based on observation of the nature and universe. It was the foundation of the Chinese philosophy.

Yin Yang tattoo is represented by different forms of Tai-Chi emblems, and it is a figure of ultimate power. The symbol has a symmetrical fish-like pattern which is enclosed within a circle.  The two equal portions consist of different color tones with one half darker than the other and with a large dot in each division. Both parts join together to bring harmony to the whole universe.

Given below are the representations of Tai-Chi figure.

  • Yang, denoted by the dark side, signifies the creation, strength, swiftness, solidity, heat, intensity, and dryness. The sun, fire, daylight and masculinity are represented by the dark portion.
  • The natural elements which are characterized as Yin (bright side) are the earth, water, femininity, night and moon. They possess the dark, yielding, cool, wet, destructive and slow attributes.

Modern Yin Yang tattoo can be very innovative.  The two symmetrical halves can be replaced with a pair of fishes, geckos, or tigers. The Tai-Chi emblem can be designed as the stigma of a flower, or in a heart shape. If you prefer a large pattern, consider intertwining the symbol with a dragon, tiger, star, or a pair of wings. Likewise, you can also choose Celtic or tribal styles to make a unique statement for you.

The artwork is ideal to be sported on the collar, upper back, arm, leg, shoulder and chest. Some people may even consider sporting one on the hip. You can join an online gallery for multitude of remarkable and creative artworks.

I don’t realize such a simple design can be so creative until I see those amazing work of arts!

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