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The emblems for women are often sexy, cute and feminine, but they can be tough and intricate. Since an online gallery can offer you thousands of creative designs, you'll certainly find something that you fancy!

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Best body areas to ink
Today, most females place tattoos on the more visible parts of their bodies. Here are the most preferred locations to ink.
Lower Back
Lower back motifs have become very popular over the last decade, and they are often horizontal in shape. Tattoos on lower back are meant to be partially

exposed, and the artworks can only be seen completely when the bearers slightly bend over their bodies. The design is intended to accentuate the beautiful female body curvature.


Back of Neck

The neck has always been the most sensuous and attractive spot for inking. Most guys are attracted to the back of the necks on women. A neck tattoo can be easily covered up with long hairs when you want to hide it.

Upper Back
The upper back region is large and flat, and thus it can accommodate huge female tattoo designs. The motifs on upper back can be easily covered up, or exposed with clothes. Since the canvas is big, you can consider an intricate design which can be made very creative and beautiful.


Besides the collar and the lower back, more females are now sporting tattoos on their hips--another very seductive body area. You can consider getting both of your hips inked, or wearing a slightly larger symbol on one hip.


Womanís leg is an incredibly attractive part of the body, and a pair of sexy legs will catch the eyes of men as well as women. If you have an emblem marked on your ankle, it will certainly be noticeable. Ankle tattoo can be easily hidden by wearing pants, opaque hosieries and special types of shoes.

Having a wrist tattoo is like wearing a bangle on your hand. It is an added beauty in addition to your hand accessories. The only concern with a wrist symbol is that it canít be fully covered up even by wearing a long sleeve cloth.

Another sensuous type of female tattoo designs are those created for the thigh. Both the higher and lower ends of your thighs are great locations for inking. The higher end is an intimate spot. Any motif placed on this area is definitely sexy and tantalizing, and it will only be revealed to someone very close.

Belly Button
If you have a flat lower abs, you may want to consider sporting a belly button tattoo to further accentuate your enticing body figure. Exposing some intimate body parts is a liberating experience to some people. Navel symbol is definitely hot and stylish when it is combining with a mid-drift shirt and low-rise jean.

Popular Female Tattoo Designs
Females are style conscious. The popular choices for women include angel wings, fairies, flowers, stars, birds, butterflies, tribal and hearts. Some females also prefer tougher designs such as the dragons and demons. To name a few beautiful flowers are the cherry blossom, daisy, hibiscus, rose, rosebud, lily, orchid, peony, sunflower and lotus. The famous bird artworks include swallow bird, hummingbird, phoenix, dove, peacock, osprey, sparrow bird and eagle.

Design selection is very individual.
"If you fancy a particular symbol, just go and get it!"

But, to ensure you won't regret your design later, don't rush to ink unless you've seen enough high quality artworks.


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